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Hair Creator

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Stage January 2020

You are looking for a solution that can create a lot of hair to put on your game but you are not specializing in design.

HairCreator is a tool helps you easy to create the dynamic hair for your character model as you like in Unity Editor.


  • Easy to use: New hair strand, edit, duplicate and delete in scene editor.
  • Save: HairCreator is able continue editing your hair at any time, any object if you have file saved.
  • Smooth Hair: While creating hair you can edit the smooth value, to change the smoothness of hair mesh.
  • Fast: All hair strands are packed into a single mesh, and you can disable backside in per hair strand to reduce vertices and triangles in that mesh.
  • Export OBJ: When finished design the model, you can export obj to be able to use for many purposes.
  • Set Origin: You can change origin of hair mesh, such as set the hair mesh origin coincide with the face bone position of the character.
  • Wind simulator: You can simulate the wind on your hair with vector3 value attack on the hair materials, and change clamp sensitivity value per material of hair strands use that material.
  • Demo: Low poly hair style, face model with hair alpha texture and grass.
  • Useful: Use to create hair for the character, create grass on the ground, create tree leaves.

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