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Make Race Track

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Stage July 2019 – August 2019

This game lets you make a track of your own to help your race car finish first.
Now make race track allow you to play co-op with your friend.


  • Extremely simple, but it does not mean that you will easily defeat your opponent, unless you have a mind to think and think carefully.


  • When playing, your car is red by default, the opponent’s car is green. [You can change the car color as you like]
  • Customize the screen size. Eg: 10x10x1, 20x20x3 … (It can be up to 1000x1000x100 if you wish to choose)
  • When playing, the game will randomly display 3 pieces for the track, corresponding to each time you need to install 1 piece. Example: arcs, straight lines, ramps …
  • If you don’t find the appropriate piece among the given 3 pieces, you can click on the dice button on the side to randomize.
  • Now your task is to mount the track so that your car can touch a lot of accelerators and finish as soon as possible.
  • When completing the game screen, the game will show who finishes first, the maximum speed achieved and the distance from the opponent.
  • You can save your favorite race to see your achievements later

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